indeeddeerindeed asked: Hi! I just discovered the fabulous world of embroidery and I was wondering if you could give a few tips or advice to start the right way :)

Wild Olive has a bunch of posts about the basics of embroidery. They should be helpful in getting you started.

Ashleigh x.

By brokendownstuff

3 pieces: El Monstroso Mexican Wrestler Mask, Mal Ojo Evil Eye protection, and Mind on Fire, the first in a series focusing on mental illness.  All original work by myself. Stitching is like Tetris, I can see it when I close my eyes at night! These were up on Etsy, but no traffic.  If anyone is interested in one, email

By mizzymouse

Something I just finished. It’s based off a piece of Ming blue and white porcelain.

By meltedsquirrel

The first of what will hopefully be a triptych.  I am still very much a beginner so I’m hoping that my ambition is not outweighing my skill.

By ellavonrabbit

A piece of hand embroidery (my fifth piece).

You can see more of my work here:

Thank you!

By Oceanicka

White Kitty by Annick Knacks.

By sequinsoup

Practising my hand stitches! One of 4 Samplers.

By vsc

Heaven and Hell

sgtangua asked: I just bought the book you posted, The Complete Guide to Embroidery, used on Amazon, for $3.50. So if you don't find it on eBay, there seemed to be a lot of new and used options on Amazon.


I looked on eBay, and I found one for £3ish, but the shipping was £5! Amazon had a much better deal. :)



This book is amazing. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn any of the listed crafts on the cover.

I have this book in my personal library - it is as great as advertised.

Oooh, look cool. Think I’m gonna have to see if eBay has any listed.

By incitiesandforests

Digital embroideries I did this winter. Check out for stuff I’m working on :)

By understimulation

embroidering little vegetable badges! For sale soon at my etsy shop


My friends! It has escaped my notice until now, but this awesome blog has over 300 followers! That is amazing!

In honor of this excellent milestone, I am offering you the chance to WIN SOMETHING FROM ME!

You see, last weekend, I went to the annual Salvation Army fabric sale. The Salvation Army in my area hoards all the fabric, needlework supplies and charts, yarn, tools, and other things that get donated throughout the year, then sell them in one glorious burst in early April.

I found about seven little plastic boxes, which I love to use for portable or even non-portable projects. I cannot get enough little boxes, I buy them CONSTANTLY.

Anyway, these boxes were all full of DMC thread. I have about all the DMC that I could ever need, but you may not. I was wondering what to do with this thread, when I thought, “A-HA.”

I am giving away to you, readers of this blog, the following things:

  • A big bag full of DMC thread, mostly on bobbins. Some of it is on homemade bobbins, some of it’s in skeins, some of it is on cardboard, some on plastic. It is a huge variety of colors and types. There’s even some perle cotton in there.
  • A piece of oatmeal-colored Aida cloth that I cannot use. It’s probably about 9” wide and 36” long. I don’t know what count it is.
  • A free pattern that I’ve printed off the Internet: Le Grand Marquoir by Isabelle Vautier. Here is a link to a blog where the author and her daughter have both completed the piece:
    The pattern is free, and I bet you could find it with some judicious Googling, but if you win this giveaway, you won’t have to. The picture included is a picture from the Sampler World Facebook group, where someone has completed Le Grand Marquoir in green.

So what do you have to do to win this package of excellence?

  • Like this post for one entry.
  • Reblog this post with commentary for one entry.
  • If you are a follower, you’ll get another entry when you do either of these things; if you start to follow me as part of this contest, you’ll get an extra entry as well.

This giveaway will begin Monday, April 15, and end on the following Monday, April 22. I’ll compile all the entries into an Excel spreadsheet and use a random-number generator to choose the winner.

I will announce the winner here and also notify him or her through a Tumblr message.

Also, I will be happy to ship this package ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. So if you’re in the UK, or Australia, or Egypt, then don’t even worry about it and enter if you like.

Thank you, my friends, for being awesome and for making awesome things. I couldn’t do this without you.

(I am having a blast even contemplating this. I’ll probably be doing this in the future, because this is awesome.)

Hey you guys! Fuckyeahneedlework is doing a competition. You could win some cool stuff!

By artfulcrap:

still going

princesswhatevr asked: Do you take submissions?

Yes I do!

Use this form to submit a piece you’ve done/something someone you know has done.

As long as the right person is credited with creating the actual piece of embroidery being submitted then you can submit anything you want.