By brorannosaurusrex:

I really want to get rid of this. I made it years ago and I just want it gone. $30-90 sliding scale, $13 for shipping. It’s 14” big.


Threads and fibres on blanket, by Michala Gyetvai

By ihearnoises

This is one of the first record covers I embroidered. I just made a tumblr with pictures of them and thought I finally share them with the world :)

By tsurubride:

Body done, next up hair! And then…. ROLLERSKATES!!!!! #wip #embroidery featuring @thetinypanther, who kinda looks like a cartoon character here, adorable!


Making a gift for my lovely lady. #embroidery #lame #unfinished

By mycherish:

Mission complete! #embroidery #fruits #stitch

By heisk:

Hand Embroidered Skeleton Love w/ flower accents! Available in my etsy shop!

By stilljollyafteralltheseyears:

I did a sew. Here’s a bad picture of it.

By artfulcrap

a recent piece exploring body acceptance.

- kaitlan cole

By lithy:

From SooperSweet at the R-Space Gallery.

(“His” / “Hers”)

Submitted by oceanicka

Anxiety Queen by Annick Knacks.

Well, I love this.

By supervelma:

I really should have made this in time for Valentine’s Day

By lily-harlequin

It’s a little old, but this was my first embroidery, made in 2011 as a birthday present for my boyfriend. I’m so proud of it! The quote is from the “Tacos” episode of My Drunk Kitchen.

By Cotytaboada

By Otherstuffandart

Gathering Clouds (Detail by Matthew Koegler)