General Handicraft Question

Okay, technically two questions.
Here’s the deal; there is a local Agriculture and Horticulture show coming up, and I’m going to enter into the Handicrafts section. Two of the classes have got me so confused though.
One is Needlework (fabric based) the other is Needlework (non-fabric based).
There are already embroidery, cross stitch, and knitting classes, so the fabric based needlework can’t be any of those. My first question is would needle felting be classed as fabric based? And my second question is, what the heck is non-fabric based needlework? Am I being a dope? (That one’s rhetorical :P)

By nataries

a portrait of Grimes I did 

By caramccaughey

I am Cara McCaughey, final year student at Belfast School of Art, specialising in textiles and embroidery. Pictured is a close up of my final outcome for semester one, a large repeat pattern created from my own illustrations of stoats and hand embroidered to tell the story I wrote to accompany the artwork! The piece is actually about 90cm x 130 cm and tells a cyclical story about life and death through the medium of screenprint and hand embroidery. The full thing and many many more close ups can be found on my blog -

By obidou

A more recent embroidery!


By obidou

An embroidery I did a little while back of a babe! My tumblr is!

By savetheblindtiger


Visit my (other) tumblr for more pictures!

I also have an etsy shop :

Thank your for your blog! Some embroideries are amazing.

By mister-sullivan

Buck Off, 2014

cross stitch on canvas

Submitted by friedd-egg

By elizabethloux

Light, 2013

By babesandbookscrafts

I really love embroidering gangsta rap portraits onto floral fabric. Because, why not? Ice Cube is such a G. I post other things I make here sometimes:


Hand stitched bandana for my dear friend Cory. Keep going.

Black bandana, white embroidery thread. Hand stitched by Natalia Czajkiewicz.

By magkakarne

I have a couple of these little 7” embroideries for sale here.

By curtonbummings

I made some embroidered patches that I am selling on Etsy.

By Emily

This is one of my favorite embroideries of mine.  It’s an embroidered version of the line drawing “Head of a Woman” by Picasso.  It’s all the way in Australia now!

I can be found here:

Well… I’ve been gone a while

Yep, just checked. It’s been a year!

I won’t bore you with the details, and I figured there are gonna be a few people who are pretty annoyed with the fact that they submitted something an age ago and it never got posted. I’m so sorry for that!

So just a few things:
I’ve changed some things with the submission form. You can now only submit photos. And I have some guidelines on what to include with your photo. Please follow them, it’ll increase your chance of me queuing your submission sooner, as it makes my job a little easier.
This blog is now flagged as NSFW. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a very long time now. Most of the posts are perfectly fine to view, wherever, whenever, but every so often there may be a post that is a little risqué.
I still probably won’t be updating everyday, so please don’t expect to see your submission as soon as you send it. I will get round to it, it just won’t be immediately.

Please keep submitting, and keep sending me feedback! I love seeing everyone’s work, and I will forever try to make this tumblr work for both you and me.

Ashleigh x.